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  • School Transportation

    The school will provide all parents with the option of user-pays transport services through school-owned buses where the emphasis is on safety, comfort and appropriate supervision while in transit. All buses are brand new, equipped with surveillance cameras and have up-to-date vehicle maintenance and safety checks done. They will carry first-aid kits and have operational air conditioning. They will be complaint with any applicable transportation laws of the UAE.

    • For user-pays transportation services, the charges levied and the process of notifying parents of such levies and levy increases will be in accordance with any applicable laws of the UAE and Sharjah Education Zone.
    • The school will always provide what constitutes sufficient supervision of students and communicate this to the staff members with responsibility for school transportation and ensure that these conditions are continually met.
    • The school will appoint a staff member with responsibility for all matters relating to school transportation. The duties of this person are to:
        – Liaise with parents, students and administrators
        – Be available each day by phone until the time that all buses complete their routes
        – Organize bus routes and allocation of buses to routes
        – Maintain up-to-date bus lists which record:
        • Bus number
        • Driver’s name
        • Bus helper’s name
        • Bus helper’s phone number
        • Student names, addresses and phone numbers
        • Pick-up and drop-off location and times
        – Ensure all school transportation is safe, compliant and available as required
        – Oversee bus students at time of arrival to and departure from school
        – Liaise with bus drivers and bus helpers
        – Organize relief drivers and bus helpers as necessary
        – Report bus behavior and accidents to the Director
        – Address emergencies upon the authorization of the Director
    • Drivers and bus helpers
      All drivers and helpers will act in accordance with the instructions of the person responsible for school transportation. In addition:
      – All drivers will:
      • hold the correct UAE licence for the transportation of people
      • carry a map of their route
      • clean their bus regularly
      • immediate report any emergencies and accidents to the staff member responsible for school transportation
      – All helpers will:
      • ensure they carry the operational, designated phone with them at all times while on their bus
      • have a current list of students for the bus
      • actively supervise all students on the bus
      • report any behavior or incidents to the person responsible for school transportation