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  • Safeguarding School Policy

    Introduction to the Policy:

    SAMA American Private School recognizes its responsibilities for safeguarding children and protecting them from harm. This Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy will be reviewed by the Governing Body.

    Key Contacts

    RoleNameContact Details

    Designated governor for child protection

    Designated safeguarding lead

    Ms. Mona Abuhattab

    Mr. Ahmad Taha

    Ms. Bara’a Saifo




    SAMA American Private School policy applies to all staff, administrators, and assistants working at the school and takes into account statutory guidance provided by the Ministry of Education and local guidance issued by the Local authorities concerning Children’s Safeguarding.    

    We will ensure that all parents/carers are made aware of our responsibilities with regard to child protection procedures and how we will safeguard and promote the welfare of their children through the publication of this Safeguarding Policy. 

    Links with other Policies: 

    The Safeguarding Policy has various links with the wider Safeguarding agenda and staff and trustees/governors should always be aware of the impact this policy has on other, related issues. For example, when agreeing or reviewing a policy in this area, links should be made with a range of other guidelines and procedures, such as:-

    ·         Educational visits

    ·         Health & Safety

    ·         Behaviour

    ·         Anti-bullying

    ·         Confidentiality

    ·         Care, Control & Restraint

    ·         Attendance

    ·         Practice

    ·         Inclusion & SEN

    ·         Child Sexual Exploitation

    ·         PSHE

    ·         E-safety

    ·         Prevent Radicalization

    You may view our full Safeguarding policy here