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    The formal curriculum has its foundation in the US education system. It is designed to be suitable and motivational for students so that it promotes their learning at the level of their abilities and needs. This curriculum is evaluated and adapted for local conditions, ie Emirati traditions and culture within UAE multi-cultural context, so that it meets the educational needs of all students. For example:

    • it will be supplemented with Arabic, Islamic Studies and Arabic social studies in accordance with the UAE Ministry of Education requirements.
    • in recognition of the fact that many of the students will be English as second language speakers, and therefore will require ESL support, the school will have an ESL approach within the curriculum.
    • all students study Arabic, but for those for whom it is not their first language, they study an Arabic for Foreigners course.
    • non-Arabic speakers who are Muslim study a modified Islamic Studies course.
    • non-Muslims have the option of Islamic Studies or a further foreign language.

    Note: All statutory requirements for Arabic and Islamic studies will be met.

    Subjects Offered

    • All students regardless of their age, gender, ability and background should experience personal fulfillment through a curriculum which displays breadth, balance, relevance, differentiation, progression and continuity.

    • Curricular continuity and progression are of particular concern; it is essential to recognize that education is an ‘on-going’ process and students receive only a section of their education at school. Every teacher must be conscious of the need to build suitable bridges between the KG, primary and secondary to tertiary phases.

    • It is essential to recognize that some aspects of the curriculum cannot be covered adequately by ‘discrete subject areas’. These aspects are recognized in the themes and dimensions and in the necessity for a ‘whole curriculum’ approach where subject areas in the school work closely together to achieve the overall aims of learning, eg literacy, numeracy, ICT and personal development (eg careers, counseling, citizenship, communication skills, working with others, improving own learning and performance, problem solving).

    • Students will be encouraged to choose extension material or topics within and/or outside the courses listed below to cater for their specific needs.

    • Students are taught in academically mixed-ability classes where lessons are differentiated.

    • To translate the Mission Statement into practice, particular attention is paid to the way in which students learn. It is the process of education which is important – an environment must be created in which students are actively involved in the learning process and not ‘passive recipients of information’. This has implications for the way students are assessed. Assessment will follow naturally and not dictate the curriculum and will involve all relevant participants, including the student.


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