Bus Rules

Walking to the bus

Students are expected to walk, not run, towards their buses

Being Prompt

In the morning, students should wait for the bus a safe distance away from the street; please note that the bus driver is instructed not to wait at all. In the afternoon, after the final bell rings, students must walk directly towards their buses.

Changing Place

The seating plan must be followed and no student is allowed to change his or her place without previous permission from the administration

Eating and Drinking

Students are not allowed to eat or drink when on the bus; similarly, chewing gum inside the bus is forbidden.

Sitting in the bus

Students must remain seated at all times when the bus is moving. The student shall wait until the bus stops completely before standing up and walking slowly towards the door.

Talking in the bus

Students may talk to each other, but they may not sing or shout in the bus.


Students are not allowed to put their hands or heads out of the windows of the bus. They should keep their school bags under their seat or beside their feet, never in the aisle.

Politeness and Respect of others

Impolite gestures and making faces to people outside or inside the bus are forbidden.

Respecting the supervisors

Please obey the instructions of the bus conductors and bus prefects, otherwise they must report your misconduct.

Music on the bus

Students may not ask the driver to change the radio station or to adjust the volume.

Places to pick up

Drivers are instructed to pick students up only from the entrance of their house / building. Similarly, drivers are instructed to drop students in front of their house / building only; never at relative's or friend's place.

Students who don’t respect these rules shall be asked to seek some other transportation options and shall not be allowed to use school buses anymore.